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Experience the true essence of Arabian charm and hospitality with Bin Majid Hotels & Resorts.

Bin Majid Hotels & Resorts is a growing chain of hotels in the UAE with 25 years of experience in the tourism industry. UAE offers unique tourism attractions with the fusion of traditional Arabian charm, hospitality and modern-day infrastructures.

Our properties, from Abu Dhabi to the Northern Emirates, enjoy a status of prominent destinations with its breathtaking landmarks, premium hospitality, while servicing both business and leisure travelers in an unforgettable experience.

Bin Majid Beach Hotel

Bin Majid Beach Hotel offers accommodation in Ras Al Khaimah situated near the beach. The hotel is a world class destination where tropical gardens, sea and sand contribute to an unforgettable and relaxing stay.


P.O Box 1946, Ras Al Khaimah-UAE

Tel:  +971 7 235 2233+971 7 235 2233 | Fax: +971 7 235 3225

Bin Majid Beach Resort

Bin Majid Beach Resort is considered one of the most prominent Ras Al Khaimah beach resorts. Its luxurious 173 chalets and cabanas are designed with modern facilities, with each room facing the vast stretch of ocean and sand, offering a spectacular view.


P.O Box 3133, Ras Al Khaimah-UAE

Tel:  +971 7 244 6644+971 7 244 6644 | Fax: +971 7 244 6633

Acacia Hotel

The Acacia Hotel is a superbly designed, elegant and modern 4-star hotel in Ras Al Khaimah offering comfort with the very best facilities to relax from the stresses of modern life.


P.O Box 35757, Ras Al Khaimah-UAE

Tel:  +971 7 243 4421+971 7 243 4421| Fax: +971 7 243 4429

Mangrove Hotel

An ideal accommodation choice for both leisure travelers and business in UAE, the Mangrove Hotel boasts a range of chic and contemporary 186 rooms & suites, some with breath taking views of the mangrove and ocean.


P.O Box 2035, Ras Al Khaimah-UAE

Tel:  +971 7 233 7733+971 7 233 7733 | Fax: +971 7 233 7703

Nehal Hotel

Nehal Hotel in Abu Dhabi offers 134 rooms and suites. The property is centrally located in the capital and offers dining outlets plus a coffee shop, business center and meeting rooms in Abu Dhabi.


P.O Box 43309, Abu Dhabi -UAE

Tel:  +971 2 651 8888+971 2 651 8888 | Fax: +971 2 651 8800

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